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We have developed the Jack-Pod system for cannabis connoisseurs who opt for pleasure and ease of use. We are sure you will be very excited about this! With the handy Fill-iT 10 Tool, you can fill 10 Jack-Pods at the same time, which fit into every combustor in our range. Fill, close, smoke and enjoy!

We have also thought about the (safe) storage of your stash. Airtight packaging and sealing ensure that your herbs remain fresh and full of flavor. Take a quick look and be amazed by the convenience and design of these unique products!

The Hero Combustor - Travel Tube - Add on Stash 3

With the Hero Combustor Travel Tube Add On Stash, you can quickly and easily store and take an extra supply of herbs with you.

Screw the Add On Stash onto the Hero Combustor Travel Tube and you're ready to go.

With the neat storage of your extra supply in this Add On Stash, stray or lost individual capsules become a thing of the past.

Stash Tube 4

This Stash-Tube 4 is a special and stylish addition to any combustor from our range. You can store 4 filled Jack-Pods in the Tube.

This way you always have a spare supply of herbs in your pocket and you can enjoy your favorite herbs on the go, anytime, anywhere. 

Fill-iT 10 Tool - Incl. 10 Jack-Pods

The Fill-iT 10 Tool is an indispensable tool for Jack-Pod system enthusiasts.

Using this super handy tool, you can quickly and easily fill 10 Jack-Pods with your favorite herbs at the same time. 

Jack-Pod Box – 100pcs

If you are familiar with our Jack-Pods, then you know the advantages of this unrivaled system. The easy way you can smoke with these capsules, the simplicity of filling the Pods with your favorite herbs and the fact that the Pods fit in all our combustors.

More and more people are discovering this pleasant way of enjoying pure herbs without any tobacco.

  • Pack
The Weezy-S - Starter Kit - Filling & Packing
Kit price of €43,85 now for only €32,50 !!
  • 1x The Weezy-S CTIP
  • 25x CTIP Charcoal Filters
  • 100x Disposable Jack-Pods
  • 1x Fill-iT 10 Tool incl. 10 Disposable Jack-Pods

Just add your herbs and you're off :)

Stash Tube 4+

The Stash-Tube 4+ is an ideal addition to any combustor in our range. With this Tube, you always have a spare supply of herbs in your pocket.

Thanks to the handy key ring on the Stash Tube, it's easy to take with you on the go. So you can enjoy your favorite herbs anytime and anywhere.