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The Weezy Starter Kit

The Weezy Starter Kit View larger

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  • 1 Weezy
  • 1 Fill-iT 10
  • 4x Activated Charcoal Filter

Just add your herbs and you're off :)

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You want the fastest road to smoking The Weezy Way ?

Great. Just grab this starterkit and you're set. The only thing you need now i some herbs :)

Two grams to be exact, because that's what 10 Jack-Pods can hold.

  • Grind your herbs up, 
  • cover the strip of Jack-Pods with the fill tool, 
  • spread the herbs evenly, 
  • tamp it, 
  • remove the Fill-It 10 
  • and put on the lids. 

Tamper some more and you're ready to go.

Now you have a nice stash of 10 Jack-Pods. Whenever you want, just unscrew the top of your Weezy,
load it up with a fresh JP and you're off :)

The Activated Charcoal Filter absorbs most of the bad stuff and ensures you don't get punched in the throat too hard when taking a toke..

An Activated Charcoal Filter last around 3-5 Jack-Pods, depending whether you smoke grass or hash.. With hash the filter fills up quicker.

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