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Charcoal Filter Box - 20pcs

Koolstof Filter Box - 20stk View larger

€ 4,95 tax incl.

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Charcoal Filter for the Jack-Pod Devices: The Rebel, The Hero & The Weezy

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Total products (tax incl.) € 4,95 Total shipping (tax incl.) € 8,77This is crazy! 9 euro shipping for 5 euro product?! Where can i get these offline? Living in the Netherlands

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Hi, well, if you would've looked carefully, you would've noticed that the shipping costs within the Netherlands is just €3.95.. So, 1 box of ACF would be 9 euro in total... Still a bit steep, i agree, so you could consider ordering a few boxes or add some other products to your cart..When you use the filters with rolling paper, you can roll 20 joints. When using it in The Weezy or The HERO one box will last you around 60 smoking sessions, give or take..For offline selling points please contact us via the contact form or at support[a]e-njoint.comThanks.

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Charcoal Filter Box - 20pcs
Charcoal Filter Box - 20pcs

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