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  • bag of 50 pipecleaners
  • ideal for cleaning your Weezy

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What NOT to do with these Pipe Cleaners !

Dear visitor,

when you google for pipe cleaners, you'll find images of pipe cleaners in all sizes and colors.

Colors ! I didn't know that pipe cleaners came in all the colors of the rainbow... and white ?!

When i was young little Jack, i remember the times i sat on the ground beside my grandfathers leather chair.

Almost every sunday we would visit my grandparents.

And then after lunch my grandfather would sit and relax in his brown leather chair and take a pipe out of the ashtray beside him.

It was such an ashtray on a pedistal, you know, all iron.

Unbreakable, like they used to make, in the good old days.

Then he would take a crips new, white, pipecleaner and clean that afternoon pipe of his.

He would stick it into one end and it would come out of the other end and then he would move it back and forth, back and forth, till the pipe was clean..

He would then take his pipe tobacco and stuff his pipe.

I loved that smell of the tobacco.

So weird, just like i love the smell of diesel..

I don't know, it's just has something primative about it. The smell of fuel and tobacco..

It makes you feel alive ! 

Anyways, i used to love to play with those pipe cleaners, the clean one's of course.

They were so soft and bendy.. call me silly, but the mere sight of pipe cleaners triggers all kinds of fond memories for me.

Now a days, you can get them in all kinds of colors and the kids do this with them :

Of course, i've tried making those pipe-cleany-animals thingies.

But unfortunatly.. our Jack-Pod Pipe Cleaners aren't ment for these kind of shannigans.

There 15 centimeters don't allow for much handy work adventures

( trust me, i've tried to make a spider.. i've failed.. i will spare you the pictures)

On the other hand, they are great for cleaning your Weezy.. and i DO mean the one-hitter pipe.

They are nice and slightly fluffy, just the right amount to give your Weezy a good clean.

You might also want to add some pure alcohol to your cleaning ritual, just a few drops on the pipe cleaner.

This way, you can get rid of those dried up herb residu and juices that may accumulate in The Weezy after a while.

When you add these pipe cleaners to your cart, they will come in a bag of 50 pieces.

Happy Cleaning !

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