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A service can be terminated within 14 days after the first service.

If a service is terminated within 14 days, the Consumer must pay for services already provided until the time of termination, except when the ‘money back guarantee’ is justly invoked.

The Consumer can only effectively exercise his/her right of withdrawal within fourteen days if the goods in question are returned in full and undamaged, preferably as much as possible inside or with the original packing.

Please use this form to start the revocation process.

Model Letter For Revoking

Revocation is also possible if the goods are not complete and/or damaged (after complete and undamaged delivery), but in this case the Provider shall be reasonably compensated for the damage and/or incompleteness.

After the cooling-off period and when the product is demonstrably defect or wrongly delivered, the Consumer must give the Provider a reasonable opportunity to deliver the right product at a later time.

There is a cooling-off period of 14 working days in case of selling financial services.

There is a cooling-off period of 30 working days in case of selling a mortgage credit and life insurance and individual retirement pension insurance policies.